Capacity / Scalability

To remain competitive in today's business climate, a business needs to have detailed data from which it can analyze and understand what's happening now and what might happen in the near-term. To do this, you need a data warehouse infrastructure that has the capacity and scalability to grow with your business. Capacity is important for "head room" in terms of data volumes, number of users, number of queries, and amount of transactions. Scalability is important for "scale-out / scale-up" in terms of linear performance improvements when additional resources are added. Many businesses start with special-purpose databases (e.g., columnar) or small-scale databases (Access / SQL Server) and quickly find they cannot grow.

Spotlight and Teradata

Areas where the combined Spotlight and Teradata products are especially powerful include:
  • Superb performance across a wide range of queries - strategic and tactical
  • Unlimited capacity to handle growth of data, users, queries, and workloads
  • Data management tools and techniques to integrate data into an integrated data warehouse
  • Analytics, BI, and visualizations that use detailed, integrated data as the basis for data-driven decisions
  • Ability to integrate products from partner companies into a cohesive environment
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