Deployment Options

Dealing with technology may be a problem that a business doesn't want to deal with. Spotlight provides the option to deploy its solutions in one of three ways:
  1. on-site - Spotlight's products are installed in your facility
  2. cloud - Spotlight's products are installed in our facility and accessed via a VPN connection
  3. hosted - similar to 'cloud' but Spotlight hosts and manages portions of your technology infrastructure

Spotlight and Teradata

Areas where the combined Spotlight and Teradata products are especially powerful include:
  • Superb performance across a wide range of queries - strategic and tactical
  • Unlimited capacity to handle growth of data, users, queries, and workloads
  • Data management tools and techniques to integrate data into an integrated data warehouse
  • Analytics, BI, and visualizations that use detailed, integrated data as the basis for data-driven decisions
  • Ability to integrate products from partner companies into a cohesive environment
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