Data Integration

Many business implement their data warehouse infrastructure without the benefit of a systems-wide architecture. Other businesses implement portions of their data warehouse piece-meal over time for one reason or another.

Integrated Data

In either event, it's likely there are many instances of small "data marts" that do not need to exist. These can be consolidated using proven data integration technologies.

Another issue faced by many businesses is the problem of bringing all their data together in a logical manner that supports the needs of the business to ask any question of its data and any time. Integrated data provides end-users with a complete picture of the business based on detailed data (not summary/aggregate data). Integrated data also has a "multiplier" effect that allows end users to ask more complicated questions of their data.

Spotlight and Teradata

Areas where the combined Spotlight and Teradata products are especially powerful include:
  • Superb performance across a wide range of queries - strategic and tactical
  • Unlimited capacity to handle growth of data, users, queries, and workloads
  • Data management tools and techniques to integrate data into an integrated data warehouse
  • Analytics, BI, and visualizations that use detailed, integrated data as the basis for data-driven decisions
  • Ability to integrate products from partner companies into a cohesive environment
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