Companies of all sizes and all industries must deal with performance issues as their data grows in size and complexity. A database that initially seems to work fine often cannot perform under complex workloads, increased numbers of users, more complicated business scenarios, and the famous "killer query". For example, businesses that start with Access or SQL Server often find those products run-out-of-gas when data-based workloads increase.

Spotlight uses the world's leading Teradata data warehouse as the foundation for its products. In recent years, Teradata's aggressive pricing has made its high-performance database available at prices small-to-medium businesses can easily afford.

Spotlight and Teradata

Areas where the combined Spotlight and Teradata products are especially powerful include:
  • Superb performance across a wide range of queries - strategic and tactical
  • Unlimited capacity to handle growth of data, users, queries, and workloads
  • Data management tools and techniques to integrate data into an integrated data warehouse
  • Analytics, BI, and visualizations that use detailed, integrated data as the basis for data-driven decisions
  • Ability to integrate products from partner companies into a cohesive environment
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