SSIS-to-Teradata Integration

SSIS provides a robust ETL capability for SQL Server accounts. It is possible preserve the use of SSIS but to extend it to load data into a Teradata database. This is accomplished through the following features:
  • Teradata ‘Standard’ interface (low volume) - ODBC, OLEDB (32-bit only) and .NET Data Provider for Teradata
  • Microsoft Connector for Teradata (high volume) - Integrates Teradata Parallel Transporter API and TPT operators (Load, Stream and Export)
  • Microsoft Connectors -
    • SSIS2008 Connector 1.2 for Teradata
    • SSIS2012 Connector 2.0 for Teradata v14.0, v13.10, v13.0
    • SSIS2014 Connector 3.0 for Teradata v15.00 - v13.10 .... Supports only Enterprise and Developer editions
Spotlight can assist with the linkage and interface of SSIS-to-Teradata.
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