As the global leader in enterprise data warehousing and analytic technologies, Teradata delivers an affordable family of purpose-built high performance platforms that enable you to solve a wide range of data warehousing and business challenges.

For nearly 40 years companies of all sizes and in all industries have been using Teradata Solutions for data warehousing to make decisions – faster and smarter than the competition. Teradata empowers your decision makers by giving them a single view of your business.

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The Teradata and Microsoft partnership helps forward-looking businesses manage and leverage their data intelligently with a powerful joint solution for business intelligence: the Teradata Database on the Microsoft SQL® Server stack.

The partners’ technologies integrate seamlessly, and the Teradata Database leverages the Microsoft productivity technologies with which information workers are most familiar

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Attunity Connect unlocks data sources and makes legacy applications seamlessly interoperable. With Attunity Connect, you can access legacy data for initiative such as business intelligence and enterprise portals and build applications that interact with legacy systems.

Attunity Connect provides universal integration with support for data-oriented integration based on SQL. It supports connections to the Teradata Database

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