Data Driven

Leading companies approach today’s competitive landscape differently. Most rely on traditional business strategies for staying in the game, while those that rise to the top are embracing a new pillar for optimizing business decisioning: data. This fundamental component of their success yields powerful competitive insights that drive decision-making and operational processes—these companies have become data-driven.

Leveraging data and insights for competitive advantage is not new. What is changing, however, is the vast number of new, growing and diverse data types emerging as demands on businesses exceed existing analytic capabilities. The good news is that more data is available than ever before, and business leaders know that nontraditional and varied data sources can be used to derive critical business insights that can put them in the forefront of their marketplace. The challenge, however, is that—despite being data-rich—many decision makers are still insight-poor.

So, what does a business leader do with this new data-driven business imperative? Data-driven businesses:
  • are more experimental in their data analysis, and have a greater tolerance for iteration and “fail fast” experimentation.
  • regard data as a unique and valuable asset, one that cannot be replicated by competitors.
  • use analytics and integrated data to drive strategy and decision-making toward a tactical business plan and, ultimately, strategic success.
  • make fact-based decisions, rather than relying on gut or instinct.
Spotlight's appliances are purpose-built to provde the power, ease-of-use, scalability, and performance to enable data-driven businesses to quickly develop insights.

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