Teradata Database

Teradata is the world’s largest company solely focused on data warehousing through database software, enterprise data warehousing, data warehouse appliances, and analytics. Teradata provides the best database for analytics with the architectural flexibility to address any technology and business need for companies of all sizes. Supported by active technology for unmatched performance and scalability, Teradata analytic solutions empower leaders and innovators to create visibility, cutting through the complexities of business to make smarter, faster decisions.

The Teradata Database is the world’s most powerful data warehousing engine as proven under difficult workloads in some of the largest data warehouses.It is consistently ranked as the preeminent data warehouse product by industry analysts. Some reasons to consider Teradata include:
  1. Teradata Database
  2. Effortless scalability
  3. Ease of management
  4. Reduced risk
  5. Seamless mainframe integration
  6. Mission-critical availability
  7. Investment protection
  8. Quickest time to solution
  9. Proof beyond claims

Teradata Overview
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