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Teradata was established in 1979 as the result of a PhD study at California Technical Institute. Its major innovation was to use massively parallel processing (MPP) technology to greatly enhance the usability of relational databases for large-scale decision-support applications. The company was originally funded by major corporations who were struggling with how to store, manage and access very large volumes of information. Teradata solved these problems and was awarded INC 100’s “Most Innovative Product” and Fortune magazine’s “Product of the Year”.

Teradata Database products are recognized as the superior choice for analyzing and processing the increasing volumes and complexity of data and queries – while improving performance and economics. Teradata’s parallel processing architecture and software provides the foundation for our unique ability to support and manage a wide range of data warehousing functions. These functions range from reports to ad-hoc queries by BI users, as well as direct self-service access by consumers. The result: our customers and users can “know more and do more” for their business.

Today, Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the leader in world-class data warehousing & business intelligence with sales of over $2.6B and a MarketCap of over $6.1B. The Teradata family of products includes data warehousing systems ranging from a few terabytes in size to over 50 Petabytes. Teradata provides a variety of database loading and query tools along with support for almost every major tool vendor as well as open-source products.
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