More companies than ever before want to leverage data warehousing, BI, analytics, discovery and visualization. The Teradata database is aggressively priced to handle the needs of small-medium businesses as well as the largest businesses. The Teradata Virtual Machine edition is designed to meet any price point and any analytical requirement. There is a myth that Teradata?s products are more expensive than the competition and out of reach for all but the largest corporations with the most complex data warehouse needs. But when all the facts are considered, Teradata offers affordable choices for businesses of all sizes for a wide range of needs.


Teradata's MPP database architecture delivers powerful performance and predictably improves performance as additional resources are added to the system. The Teradata database contains many features that drive high-performance and its query-optimizer is the best in the industry for developing parallel execution plans.


Scalability is a term that is widely used and often misunderstood within a data warehouse - the Teradata Database system is unique in its ability to deliver linear scalability as the number of users increases, as volume grows, and as the MPP system expands. This makes non-disruptive growth possible, enables quicker turnaround on new user requests, builds confidence in the quality of the information being provided, and offers relief from the fear of too much data. The Teradata architecture does not suffer from the allocation of shared resources that other system that have been adapted for parallelism experience. This is because the system is designed to maximize throughput while multiple dimensions of parallel processing are available for each individual system user. .

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