Teradata Information

Information from Teradata is available from various sources and in multiple formats.
  • Teradata Documentation - The entire documentation library for the Teradata product line is available at the documentation site

  • Teradata Developer Exchange - Teradata Developer Exchange is a community-oriented website that connects various Teradata users who are interested in the downloads, forums, tips, technology, and best-practices. Information is avialable at the Developer Exchange site.

  • Teradata Magazine - Teradata Magazine is an award-winning, global publication available in online and mobile formats that can reach key decision-makers anytime, anywhere on any device. Click Teradata Magazine for more information.

  • Teradata Education Network - The Teradata Education network is the web site for training, education, and certification on the Teradata products. Information can be found at the Education site.

  • Teradata University Network - Global academic institutions can join the Teradata University Network to obtain product information, collateral, and best-practices bridging academia, teaching, research, and industry. More information is available at the University Network site.

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