Teradata Tools & Utilities (TTU)

Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU) are a collection of database tools that provide a rich set of supporting functions to the Teradata Database. The complete list of tools and utilities is shown below:

.NET Data Provider for Teradata Basic Teradata Query ODBC Driver for Teradata
Shared ICU Libraries for Teradata Teradata Access Module for JMS Teradata Administrator
Teradata Archive/Recovery Utility Teradata C Preprocessor2 Teradata Call-Level Interface version 2
Teradata Data Connector API Teradata FastExport Teradata FastLoad
Teradata Geospatial Utilities Teradata GSS Client Teradata Index Wizard
Teradata MultiLoad Teradata Named Pipes Access Module Teradata OLE DB Access Module
Teradata Parallel Data Pump Teradata Parallel Transporter Base Teradata Parallel Transporter Stream
Teradata Performance Monitor Object Teradata Query Scheduler Administrator Teradata Query Scheduler Client
Teradata Query Scheduler Server Teradata SQL Assistant Teradata System Emulation Tool
Teradata Visual Explain Teradata Wallet Teradata WebSphere MQ Access Module
Teradata Workload Analyzer

More information on the Teradata Tools & Utilities can be found at the TTU site.
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