Spotlight provides pre-packaged services in the following areas:
  • developing native applications for a Teradata environment - BuildUp service
  • inspecting your data management enviroment - SizeUp service
  • putting in place the initial environment and providing a started analytics/reporting environment - StartUp service
  • ensuring best-practices are in place for your data management environment - SetUp service
  • monitoring your data warehouse environment for proper operation - CheckUp service
  • tuning you data management environment - TuneUp service
  • providing column-based security - LockUp encryption service
  • providing database administrator services - CleanUp DBA services
  • analyzing database requirements when a different database technology is needed - MoveUp database migration service
  • ... other to follow


Spotlight Technology offers a no-code "application builder/generator" that produces native applications for the Teradata environmen - applications that take advantage of the power of Teradata.

The application builder uses multi-variate decision tables to express the logic of the application and the actions to be taken when certain business conditions are detected.

Once an application is defined and validated, the product produces code that runs on Teradata. The code can be executed once or scheduled to run on a recurring timetable.

Spotlight offers accompanying services to discern the business rules for an application and assist in its construction.

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Many businesses embark on a journey to build a data management program that allows their business to use its data to generate better outcomes.

Once systems and processes are in place, it's hard to take the time to step back from the collection of technologies to understand the overall health of the environment.

Too often, what started as an orderly approach and collection of systems decomposes as more tools, more data, more rules, more processes ... are added as business conditions change.

That's where Spotlight's SizeUp service can help. Spotlight consultants will perform a "health check" of your systems to determine whether improvements can be made and where.

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Often customers new to Teradata's unique capabilities need assistance to implement the Teradata database and its Business Intelligence/Analytic architecture.

The new options for Teradata on-and-off premise, software and hardware choices and new cloud implementations on AWS, Azure and Teradata Intellicloud™ give customers additional choices.

But, new customers may also need help with initial acquisition and setting up the Teradata ecosystem atop the massively-parallel database environment.

To the BI/Analytic user, and even the Database Administrator, Teradata looks to be a SQL platform similar to other database systems but able to process massive volumes of data much more quickly.

However, to achieve these capabilities there are several best-practices that, when implemented correctly, ensure Teradata's optimum operation and maintainability.

Spotlight Technology's StartUp Service is designed to get customers up and running...and up-to-speed quickly on Teradata's unique capabilities and optimum performance

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Often customers new to Teradata's unique capabilities need assistance to implement the Teradata database and its Business Intelligence/Analytic architecture.

Having full-time database administrators (DBAs) on-staff can be an expensive proposition. Furthermore, many DBAs are not properly trained on the nuances of Teradata’s unique capabilities and how to take advantage of all its powerful features.

Spotlight SetUp services provide added DBA support for small-to-medium businesses who need extra DBA support and experience.

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Understanding the behavior of your Teradata Data Warehouse can be a daunting task.
There are low-level tools like ResUsage and DBQL (Database Query log) and very high-level tools like Viewpoint but each of these capabilities has pro’s and con’s.

In the past, a range of home-grown approaches have been developed including: Excel-based reports and special queries shared by DBAs. Now, there’s a better answer!

Spotlight’s CheckUp™ product provides a user-friendly set of Tableau workbooks that provide in-depth analysis and insights of what’s going on inside your Teradata system.

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The Spotlight TuneUp service is a suite of products and services that are used to "refresh" an account.

Refreshing an account includes examining the current data warehouse infrastructure, performance, queries, and more. These elements are compared against best-practices to see if clean-up and corrections are needed.

After all, it’s important to use a proven approach to set-up the environment properly, understand best-practices, and derive value from the data warehouse/BI system.

The TuneUp Kit includes the following capabilities:
  • Phase 1 - evaluate the database environment and connections
  • Phase 2 - evaluate the data warehouse / BI environment
  • Phase 3 - evaluate the data loads and queries of your data
  • Phase 4 - investigate opportunities for more advanced analytics and visualizations
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Data Security is on everyone’s mind these days. Businesses of all sizes have experienced massive data breaches of their customer’s sensitive information, resulting in major legal issues and loss of customer trust…and business.

Most of the data breaches are from bad actors “hacking” the customer’s database to obtain the sensitive information stored inside.

Most data security systems today are very expensive and require multiple servers, networks and endpoints. Often, mid-tier business merely want to protect a modest number of data elements (e.g. Credit Cards) from unauthorized use.

Spotlight’s LockUp product and service provides an additional level of physical data encryption for columns of sensitive information – limiting access to designated users.

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Spotlight provides auxiliary database administrator (DBA) services for businesses that need extra help tackling the myriad tasks of a DBA.

The tasks covered by the CleanUp™ service include:
  • database design and modeling
  • specific skills for a database (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata , RedShift or Snowflake
  • managing storage usage
  • managing roles, privacy, permissions, and security
  • writing SQL statements (DDL, DML, DCL/DQL)
  • tuning and optimizing queries
  • maintaining the database, including backup/recovery
  • advising business users and developers on data-related topics
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Business conditions change rapidly and sometimes the database technology chosen as the foundation for data warehousing and analytics needs to change as well

Spotlight Technology provides a database analysis and migration service called MoveUp™ to help a business determine the best database technology.

The MoveUp™ service analyzes all aspects of the business' analytical infrastructure (as it pertains to the data warehouse) including ETL, ELT, analytics, queries, database features, performance, and visualization.

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