Are you drowning in data, without the tools to coordinate incoming data sources?

Do you know what your data sources are and how they get loaded?

Does your business lack the information needed to make informed, data-driven decisions?

Is your data in various repositories and not integrated?

Do you have a cohesive plan to bring all your data togther for meaningful analysis?

Is some of the data on legacy platforms that are not integrated with your core systems?

Are your IT and business organizations clear on how/where to store data to make actionable decisions?

Are you unable to grow your data analysis capabilities because of database limitations?

Do you have the most cost-effective (yet leading) technologies in place?

Is it clear how greater accessibility to your company's data will improve business value?

Are you exploiting the right analytical models for your given business problems?

Do you have the best analytic and visualization tools in place for making decisions?

Spotlight can help you identify data (and pathways to the data) that is needed for the business. Once essential data is identified, our consultants can identify tools and techniques to bring the data together from various sources in an integrated, coherent manner.

The foundation for data integration is a data model that captures data, information, and rules in an easy-to-understand representation of business. Spotlight consultants can guide you through the creation of the database infrastructure (model) needed to run your business and deliver the needed information to decision makers. Loading the data may require transformations to ensure the data is in a useful format.

The amount of data and change that confronts businesses today can be overwhelming so it is important to choose the correct technology platform to store and process the data. Spotlight partners with Teradata and Microsoft for their database engines as the core of the data storage and processing capabilities.

Data can be identified, loaded, integrated, and stored in a database; but the usefulness of the entire technology is only as good as the tools and techniques that allow business users to acces and use the information to make better business decisions. Spotlight can help identify and implement the best analytic and visualization tools for your busines to make better business decisions.


Spotlight provides consulting services in the following technical areas:
  • data warehouse / data mart
  • data quality / integration
  • extract, transform, and load (ETL)
  • data modeling
  • data management
  • business intelligence (BI) / analytics / visualization
  • performance
  • database administration
  • ... and more

Most mid-tier companies are awash in data collected from various operational source systems, and therein lies the challenge of what to do with all the data.

For many mid-tier companies, the unfortunate answer is either: nothing meaningful is put in place or a ragtag collection of data repositories (unique to the spawning operational system) is put in place.
Doing nothing is no longer an option if companies expect to make data-driven business decisions based on insights and analytics.

Similarly, multiple data repositories or silos of information are insufficient. What's needed is an architected approach to data integration and usage that brings the company's data together in an integrated data warehouse. The Teradata Database provides an integrated data warehouse platform that can easily integrate data from various sources using ETL (extract, transform, load) techniques to unite the data into a powerful base for business insights, intelligences, and queries.

Spotlight provides consulting services to help companies with all aspects of data warehouse design and implementation.

Investing in a data warehouse, BI, and analytics environment is an important decision but it doesn't have to be overwhelming.
Even so, it's important to select a product that is easy to install, administer, support and maintain. Database administration can be an expensive and time-consuming activity without proper guidance on best-practices

Equally, it's important to select a vendor that can provide the expertise, guidance, and support to get started in the proper direction from the onset.

Spotlight's consultants can help establish the right technical foundation to give you higher confidence in your data and quantify real value for your business.


An issue faced by many businesses is the problem of bringing all their data together in a logical manner that supports the needs of the business to ask any question of its data and any time.

Integrated data provides end-users with a complete picture of the business based on detailed data (not summary/aggregate data). Integrated data also has a "multiplier" effect that allows end users to ask more complicated questions of their data.

Once all the sources of data are identified for inclusion and integration into the data warehouse, it's critical that the quality of the data is examined and a determination is made on the level of effort to remedy data quality issues.
Many business implement their data warehouse infrastructure without the benefit of a systems-wide architecture. Other businesses implement portions of their data warehouse piece-meal over time for one reason or another.

In either event, it's likely there are many instances of small "data marts" that do not need to exist. These can be consolidated using proven data integration technologies.


Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful insights using detailed data to describe, predict, and improve business performance.

This data-driven approach is key to informed decision making for competitive advantage.

Analytics makes use of mathematics and statistics, the use of descriptive techniques and predictive models to gain valuable knowledge from data—data analysis.

The insights from data are used to recommend action or to guide decision making.

Thus, the focus is not on individual analyses or analysis steps, but with the entire process of using data to drive decisions.

Business leverage can be obtained through:
  • Adding additional power to existing analytics processes
  • Identifying entirely different problems to solve
  • Identifying new ways to solve existing problems

Business Intelligence (BI) can be a complicated issue for many companies as multiple end-user tools compete for the time, resources, and funds within a business.
Spotlight has expertise is many of the top BI tools and can advise and assist on the selection and implementation of a BI environment.

Similarly, Spotlight works with visualization vendors to provide the extra layer of visual analysis and interpretation of data and information.





Spotlight Technology, LLC is an exciting company focused on data warehousing, business intelligence (BI), visualization, and analytics.

Spotlight's products and services are optimized for small-to-medium business using Teradata or SQL/Server technologies as their foundation.

Spotlight's founders have more than 50 years of combined experience in software development and database/data warehouse technologies.

Spotlight is based in Colorado with offices in Denver and Colorado Springs. Spotlight also has an additional offices in California and Pennsylvania.

Spotlight recently won the "Business Partner of the Year" for its innovative technical solutions on behalf of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.

Spotlight regularly exhibits and attends the annual conferences for Teradata, Tableau, and Microsoft, as well as local chapter events.
Spotlight has strategic partnerships with Tableau, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Service for data warehousing, BI, infrastructure, and visualization.

In addition, Spotlight partners with selected data integration partners (Talend, Data3Sixty, Attunity).

Spotlight also partners with QlikTech and Microsoft for BI capabilities.





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