Many Teradata customers are facing a tough decision as 1) they see competitive cloud data warehouse come into the marketplace, 2) their appliances are declared to be at end-of-life or 3) they consider the options presented by Teradata for their future technology. The decision is more difficult for smaller customers on appliances. The decision of how to proceed is not an easy decision. Spotlight has years of experience dealing with choice of architectures, migration to other platforms, and selection of appropriate infrastructures. Spotlight offers the following services to help customers deal with these choices:
  • understanding the options available from Teradata - MatchUp service
  • providing a platform architecture that is based on the latest Teradata release and standard hardware - StackUp service
  • understanding the options available from other vendors - MatchUp service


Spotlight's MatchUp service provides analysis of the options available for a customer's data warehouse evolution. Many customers can continue to run as-is for some time without risk; however others will be faced with choices about the direction of their data warehouse infrastructure. Spotlight's experts are well-versed in data warehouse technologies and are able to provide guidance on the questions to ask, the pitfalls to be avoided, the economics of different options, and the optimal path to success. The MatchUp service analyzes the following options:
  • upgrade to the larger, more expensive Teradata Intelliflex platform
  • upgrade to the Teradata cloud product
  • non-Teradata cloud data warehouses
  • make-do with their current Teradata platform until it is no longer viable

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Spotlight offers its StackUp service for Teradata small-to-medium sized customers who need account attention or are facing an end of life decision on their appliances.The StackUp offering includes industry-standard hardware and Teradata on VMWare as an alternative to upgrading to the cloud, upgrading to Intelliflex, or choosing a different vendor. In some cases, keeping the data warehouse on-site is a better answer than moving to the cloud for reasons of risk, cost, complexity, and disruption. This low-risk approach ensures the latest software release will run and extend the life of any Teradata environment. For customers that need time to determine the long-term course of action, the StackUp offering provides 'breathing room' to consider alternatives (perhaps using Spotlight's MatchUp service for assistance).

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Teradata accounts that are smaller and not served by Teradata account teams are faced with a choice of several options regarding their platforms. Most likely, these accounts are 2-node or 4-node appliance products that are no longer offered. In the case of earlier appliances, some platforms are no longer offered but they are also no longer supported. Customers in this situation are also likely to have little contact with Teradata sales or consulting personnel (except via the phone). That leaves the following choices:
  • upgrade to the larger, more expensive Teradata Intelliflex platform
  • upgrade to the Teradata cloud product
  • look at other cloud data warehouses
  • make-do with their current platform until it is no longer viable
Each of these options is explored in greater detail below. Spotlight's MatchUp service is designed to help customers evaluate these options and make an informed decision about their data warehouse evolution.

Teradata Intelliflex

Smaller Teradata accounts may not need the power and size of the Teradata Intelliflex offering, especially if the current platform is a 2-node or 4-node appliance. The cost of the platform and the complexity of moving to the larger, more powerful may not be affordable.

Teradata Cloud

Vantage on the Teradata Cloud provides accounts with the power and capabilities of Teradata and a cloud deployment option.The as-a-service offering allows customers to focus on the value derived from their data running on Teradata while entrusting the infrastructure details to Teradata.

Teradata Platform End of Life

WIthin the next few months all Teradata appliances will be declared as "end of life" with support and maintenance continuing on a best-efforts basis. Should the software or hardware fail, it may have a profound impact on daily operations.

Teradata As-Is

The last option is to do nothing and let the system run until it can no longer run in a degraded configuration. The risks are high but the resilience and reconfigurability of Teradata may extend the life of the platform until a replacement approach is implemented.

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Customers who think a new cloud data warehouse is the path to pursue for replacement of their Teradata system should be well-informed on the topic. Cloud data warehouse provides such as Snowflake, RedShift, and Datometry may appear to be simpler and more convenient to use, but there are many factors to be considered beyond the initial appeal of something new. Teradata's power has proven itself over the years in terms of flexible workloads, query concurrency, resillience and more. In addition, selection of a platform doesn't address the other key parts of the infrastructure such as data load servers, BI servers, applications, analytics and more.

Spotlight's MatchUp service is designed to help customers deal with all these issues and to make an information decision about cloud deployment options. After analysis, it may be evident that the right answer is to stay with Teradata and move to the Teradata Cloud offering.

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